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The Malaysian Masters Athletic Association (MMAA) formerly known as the Malaysian Association of Veteran Athletes was officially formed in 1984 with efforts from a few ex national athletes. Support was provided by officials from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The first pro-tem meeting was convened on the 17th October 1982 at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur.

The pro-tem committee than was chaired by YBhg Dato' Dr. Mani Jagathesan. In 1984, the association was officially registered as the Malaysian Association of Veteran Athletes (MAVA) and YBhg Dato' Mani Jegathesan became its first President.

The aim of this association is to promote athletic amongst veterans in order to enable them to keep fit physically and mentally, to organize and participate in championships in order to promote friendship and understanding amongst veteran athletes.

In 2003 the name of the association was changed to Malaysian Masters Athletic Association (MMAA) in accordance with the change of the World body to World Masters Athletics.

No 29th MIOMAC 2015
1 29th MIOMAC 2015 report
2 29th MIOMAC final results day 1
2 29th MIOMAC Final results day 2
2 AMA Women Sports Carnival 2015 KL, Malaysia

Presidents's Speech

It is my pleasure as President of Malaysian Masters Athletic association (MMAA) to welcome each and everyone to this prestigious event. We will be hosting the 16th Asian Masters Atheletic Championship in 2010. Read More...

Secretary's Speech

As the Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee, i would like to request your wishes and support to our bidding to host the 2010 AMA Championship in Kuala Lumpur., Malaysia. Malaysia has successfully hosted the 6th Asian Veteran Athletic Championship in Kuala Lumpur in 1990. Read More...


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